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Search Engine Optimisation services is a great way to rank you higher on search engines such as Google, Youtube, Bing and Yahoo. With SEO you will receive traffic to your website without having to constantly pay for ads. We have the expertise of driving traffic to any web presence. We create the best footprint and presence for your website that will tell Google you are the best company for them to list on the top of their search engines. Over the past seven years we have created the perfect formula to move a website for keywords up on Google. Below you can read a sample of how we work and why you should work with Marketing24x7 to supply your seo services.
Every day, thousands of people are searching for products and services to help solve a problem they are facing. What we do here at Marketing24x7 is put you in front of those users and turn them into customers.
Optimization is key to Seo. We optimize your websites for users and bots. We apply science based on-page seo tactics to your website that robots like Google are going to love and at the same time have your website converting like crazy!

Our Secret SEO Formula:


Audit               Off Page SEO               On Page SEO

We start of by analyzing your current web presence and performing an in-depth website audit to see were your website currently stands. In this site audit we will check everything that needs to be fixed and check your website on-page to see if your website is over-optimized or under-optimized for your desired keywords. We will check to make sure all your pages are active and you dont have any 500 level or 404 codes that will hurt your rankings.


Why you need a search engine optimization audit?

A seo audit is important because it will address the areas your website needs to optimize or under-optimize to put you on the top of your competition.

Our Seo Audit is a detailed report that outlines a website current standings, and includes information such as backlinks, and social media.

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Off Page SEO

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page seo or also known as off-site seo is a part of the search engine optimization process that you need to balance with on-page seo. Off page seo in the simplest form means everything you are doing off of your website to best increase your website’s rankings on search engines such as links. Backlinks cover the majority of off page seo. With our off page seo methods, we only perform white hat techniques and follow google’s webmaster guidelines to ensure safety to our clients websites.

On Page SEO

Why is On Page SEO Important?

On page seo is the most important part to master. Your website can be over optimized and under optimized at the same time, so it is very important that you get an average rating of serps for the given keyword. In our seo audit, we will detail where your optimization stands.

Some of the factors that we take into consideration when performing on page seo is meta titles, descriptions, anchors, content, url structure, images, alt tags, dead links, page speed, and much more.


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